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Feed & Speed Calculators

To get the best performance and longest life out of your Nachi drills we have provided speed and feed calculators specific to your drill and the material that you are cutting as a starting point.

Notes: 1. Please use water based coolant and MQL where suggested for best results. 2. When applicable please adjust for angle of entry or curved surface. 3. Use of pilot drills 2 X D of the drill or deeper is recommended anytime drilling over 5 X D of the drill and peck when necessary. 4. Pilot drill recommended to be 0.05mm to 0.1mm bigger in Ø than deep the deep hole drill to follow.*


CalculatorList Numbers 
AG Drill Calculator L6596P, L6594P, L6595P Launch Tool
AG Power Long Drill Calculator L6540P, L6541P Launch Tool
Aqua EX 3 Flute Drill Calculator L9605, L9607 Launch Tool
Aqua EX Deep Hole Drill L9612-L9617, L9618-L9621, L9626-L9627 Launch Tool
Aqua Flat L9610, L9611, L9830, L9831, L9628
L9818, L9819, L9816, L9817
L9812, L9813, L9814, L9815
Launch Tool
Aqua Micro Drill   Launch Tool
Aqua REVO Drill L9860, L9862
L9872, L9873, L9874, L9875
Launch Tool
HHS-HSCO Drill Calculator   Launch Tool
SG ES JOBBERS Drill Calculator L7570P, L7571P Launch Tool
SG-ESS SG-ESR Drill Calculator L7572P, L7573P, L7574P, L7575P Launch Tool


Adjusted Feedrate Chip Thinning Calculator   Launch Tool
Ball End Mill Effective Diameter   Launch Tool
Aqua V Mill Speed/Feed Calculator L9702-L9704, L9706-L9710 Launch Tool
Aqua Hard Mill Speed/Feed Calculator L9711-L9714 Launch Tool
Aqua Hard Ball Mill Speed/Feed Calculator L9615, L9616 Launch Tool
ALH Mill Speed/Feed Calculator L9717-L9722 Launch Tool


Tap Speed/Feed Calculator Launch Tool

*These calculations are based in theory and are only intended as starting points Listen and watch for unusual sounds and vibrations. Adjustments maybe necessary for best results and actual results will vary depending on specific material, coolant used, and equipment setup and condition. No responsibility from Nachi assumed.