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  • [Video] Aqua Drill MQL
    High efficiency deep hole drilling designed for crankshaft. Double margin for increased drilling stability. "J" shaped flute for excellent chip evacuation. - LAUNCH VIDEO
  • [Video] Aqua EX Flat with Radius
    Ideally suited for drilling inclined surfaces. One-shot drilling--eliminates the need for multiple tools! - LAUNCH VIDEO
  • [Video] Aqua Drill EX Micro Coolant Thru Drills 10D 15D 20D PLT
    Applicable to a wide range of materials - carbon steel, cast iron and stainless steel. Excellent chip evacuation due to larger coolant holes, flute and cutting edge design. - LAUNCH VIDEO
  • [Video] Aqua Drill EX Flat
    #1 Selling Flat Bottom Drill! - LAUNCH VIDEO
  • [Video] Aqua Drill EX Oil-Hole 3 Flutes 3D 5D
    Newly developed flute and cutting edge geometry causes excellent chip evacuation with smaller chips; 3-Flute offers excellent cutting balance for high precise drilling; and with coolant thru achieves stable drilling at high speed and feed rate. - LAUNCH VIDEO

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