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Training Classes

Cutting tools are constantly changing. We are continually developing new products and resources to help our customers. For this reason Nachi offers training classes for all of our customers.

Nachi offers training for drilling, milling and threading tools. This training covers everything from general product knowledge to use and application. Hosted by Nachi’s Tooling Specialist you will see the latest in cutting tool technology and learn what truly sets Nachi apart from the competition.

  • Live Demonstrations
  • Individualized training classes
  • Lunch provided

Common Topics:

  • Reading chips to adjust speeds and feeds
  • Drill flute shape and its role
  • Drill geometry
  • Coating technology and its uses
  • HSM, HEM, and Conventional Milling techniques
  • End Mill geometry
  • Nachi Tool specifics
  • Nachi Flat Bottom Drill Techniques
  • Common tap problems
  • Forming Tap VS Cut Tap

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