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EXEO Series: Functional component material

The EXEO series features functional component materials developed using our unique alloy design technology and special melting technology. Injection molding machine components, ultra high-precision mechanical components such as those used in aircraft, marine vessels and automobiles, according to the high-functionality needs and uses of our customers. We provide products with heightened characteristics such as low expansion, heat resistance, corrosion resistance and strength.

EXEO-S10: Low Expansion Alloy

Offers excellent low expansion characteristics and is clean and has few impurities. It is suitable for a high-precision component material .

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EXEO-M21: Ultra High-Strength Steel

This clean steel features excellent notch strength and few impurities. It offers high strength and durability.

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EXEO-NPR1: Steel for High-Functionality Resin Plasticizing Components

Suitable for injection molding machine components such as injection molding machines screws for forming high-functionality resin.

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EXEO-SP: Steel for Wear Resistant Components

Features excellent wear resistance and is suitable for components which require prevention of surface roughness due to abrasion.

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