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Machining Cell

A unique maker with expertise in both machine tools and cutting tools, to help you respond to demand for more diverse and sophisticated machining, we have developed various technologies and know-how. Providing overall support for reliable machining that ensures consistent quality, we have proposed processes that meet your needs for MQL and hard finishing and have developed machine tools that embody high speed, high performance, and flexibility.

Carbon processing machine
Carbon processing machine Image
  • Machining of artificial graphite electrodes and nipples for electric furnace.
  • High accuracy processing from material to product.
  • The CNC machine is realized to increase efficiency.


Compact inline center DH524
Compact inline center DH524 Image Capable of MQL Machining
Non-pecking deep boring is enabled by MQL machining, resulting in five times more machining efficiency.

Space Saving
The required machine space has been reduced to 40%. (as compared to our conventional product).

Energy Saving
Power consumption by the machine has been reduced to 60%. (as compared to our conventional product).