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Helical Broach
Helical Broach Image High Stability
The angular design of gullet provides the best balanced cutting.

High accuracy
Off-normal Gullet Helical Broach ensures accuracy of internal helical gears.

Long Tool Life
Improved accuracy of workpiece and tool life.


Spur Broach
Spur Broach Image Longer tool life
New coating and high-grade broach material give longer tool life than with conventional wet broaching.

Process reduction
Newly developed proprietary chip suction equipment eliminates the use of a centrifugal oil remover. Chips do not have chlorine content and require no special industrial waste disposal.

Environmental Improvement
Only a small quantity of vegetable based oil or synthetic oil is used as fine mist, which is beneficial to the environment.


Fir Tree Broach
Fir Tree Broach Image Nachi America provides whole broaching systems for Fir Tree broaching applications. With over a half century of experience in this field, our Fir Tree broaches are used to create accurate form on turbine disk which is one of the core technologies needed for energy and propulsion.


Pot Broach
Pot Broach Image
  • Cuts external shapes such as involute splines teeth, slots and cam surfaces.
  • We offer two types: Stick Type and Ring Type.


Hard Broach
Hard Broach Image Ultra-high-speed dry cutting
High-speed dry cutting at a cutting speed of 80m/min. Drastically improved efficiency when compared with conventional cutting.



Shave Cutter
Shave Cutter Image SHAVE CUTTER

  • Offers optimal serration pitch for workpiece characteristics. Fine pitch: Designed for increasing the number of effective cutting edges for longer tool life. Coarse pitch: Designed for sharpness improvement of cutting edge.
  • New optimized material is used, providing longer tool life.


  • Enables profile correction of internal helical gear by internal shaving, that was previously difficult.
  • Allows crowning shape correction, not possible with broaching.
  • Reduces gear noise.

Applications - Planetary ring gear for automatic transmission in cars.


Shaper Cutter
Shaper Cutter Image
  • This type of shaper cutter is used to cut helical gears. The number of cutter teeth is determined by the helix angle of the gear and the helical guide.
  • When ordering the helical shaper cutter, please specify the guide lead in addition to the cutter and work dimensions.


Hob Cutter
Hob Cutter Image

DuAl EX/VX Hob

Great performance without coating after regrinding

  • Applicable for wet and dry hobbing.
  • Long service life due to re-grinding specifications without coating on cutting face.

Dual Cut Hob

Both dry hobbing and conventional wet hobbing are available. Dry hobbing helps to solve environmental problems.

For Dry and Wet Hobbing
In dry hobbing, cutting speed can be changed faster than that in conventional wet cutting, and tool life is extended.

Long Tool Life in Wet Hobbing
Even if wet hobbing, higher cutting speed and longer tool life are achieved.

Solid Carbide Hob for Dry Hobbing

Ultra-high Speed in Dry Hobbing
More than 300m/min in cutting speed is available.

High Efficiency
3 times higher than that of HSS Hob.

Long Tool Life
Over 10 times longer than that of HSS Hob.



Roll Dies
Roll Dies Image



Forming Racks
Forming Racks Image Semi-dry machining - Using the Dual Forming Rack together with the Precision Roll Forming Machine (PFM-610E) supporting semi-dry operation, clean roll forming can be realized.

Long tool life - Even with semi-dry machining, tool life exceeds that of conventional racks using oil coolant.

Energy saving - The oil-less design of the PFM-610E saves up to 70% in energy consumption



Regrind Service
Regrind Service Image With our abundant knowledge as a specialized tool manufacturer, combined with a full range of equipment, we can recondition your tool to its original state by processing it with the same manufacturing accuracy as that applied to new tools.

  • Your tool will be reground to the optimum shape according to its specification so that its original cutting performance can be recovered.
  • When required, your tool will be recoated based on the same specifications and inspection standard as those applied to new tools, so that it's product life can be greatly extended.
  • Performance of your tool will be recovered to endure hard use in the same conditions as those expected for new tools.

With Regrinding Facilities in the United States and Mexico - Nachi can provide service for customers in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Please contact your local Nachi America sales representitive to inquire on our regrinding process and facilities.

Regrinding Sites in North America


717 Pushville Road, Greenwood, Indiana, 46143, U.S.A.

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Drill, End Mill

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