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Gear Shape Machining Center

A unique maker with expertise in both machine tools and cutting tools, to help you respond to demand for more diverse and sophisticated machining, we have developed various technologies and know-how. Providing overall support for reliable machining that ensures consistent quality, we have proposed processes that meet your needs for MQL and hard finishing and have developed machine tools that embody high speed, high performance, and flexibility.

Skiving Machining Center for Gears GMS450
Super accurate high performance skiving at peak of ideals

  • High efficiency gear skiving reduces machining time to as much as 1/5 (compared to gear shaping)
  • Proprietary technologies used to add lathe and drill to skiving machine for a multi-functional gear shaper
  • Both mass production & multi-type-small-lot production
  • Compact yet can be machining up to 450mm diameter part
  • Hard-skiving achieves high-precision machining of hardened gears
  • Interactive operation screen provides excellent man-machine interface


Gear shape machining center GM7134
Flexibility for Variable Workpiece Type & Production Volume

  • Multi-functional machine adding lathe & drilling to gear shaper.
  • Application for both mass production & multi-workpiece-type small lot production.
  • Downtime: 85% reduced
  • Initial cost: 45% reduced
  • Installation space: 57% reduced